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Grand Open on Jan 28, 2010

In preparation for 6th release
- The Abyss Observatory - Designing for Remote Collaboration, Self-directed Discovery and Intuition Development in Multi-user Interactive 3D Virtual Environments
- The Abyss Observatory in ScienceSim in collaboration with "Science Circle" on Science Sim Land Grant Program
- Collaboration with "Tektite Underwater Habitat Museum"
- Collaboration with "Open University, UK" on navigation/ orientation in VW
- Marine ecosystem by Delia Lake
- Diving Gear History by Kaikou Splash

Update on March 21, 2011
What is the ABYSS?
"The Abyss Observatory" is an international museum of Earth science, Undersea technology and also Sense of wonder about the misteries of Earth & Life in 3D virtual space "Second Life"(SL)

The Abyss was privately founded by 3 Japanese with a US creator of closed "the Abyss Museum of Ocean Science", and opened on Jan 28, 2010 using one third of the NOAA's SIM "Second Earth 3", supported by SciLands.

We agree with SciLands to be licensing our contents under Creative Commons licenses to contribute for NOAA's educational contents, except guest creator's works and purchased goods.

Direct access in Second Life: Second Earth 3 (128,128,26)
(You need to sign up for SL and to install SL Viewer in your PC. free charge)

Contents and Gallery

Current Marine Lives

Purpose and Goal?
- Visualize Marine life ecosystem including underground microorganism and Human activities under the sea.
- Visualize Climate prediction research activities for better understanding of Earth system and Global issues.
- Collaborate with Earth science related places in Second Life.
- Encourage SL creators and artists who interested in marine, and nurture dream for undersea world.


Members (Ocean Museum Curators group)


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